Friday, October 30, 2009

Cleaning agents make indoor air dirty

You must be cleaning your house regularly to keep the environment healthy. But while using the cleaning agents you actually pollute the air. Cleaning agents are one of the causes of polluted air. So make sure that you have an air cleaner and an air purifier for home. We will try to know how these cleaning agents pollute the air.

Common petrochemical based cleaning products contribute in the toxicity level in your home. They are the only household products that are regulated under the 1960 Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act. Cleaning products contain ammonia, chlorine, detergents, artificial petroleum-based fragrances and many more ingredients which are well known for their toxic nature. You will not find many of these products in the work places as they are restricted by Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) regulations. But still these cleaning products are used in homes. As these cleaners contain harmful chemicals we suffer from various allergies and diseases as we come in contact with them. We can switch over to natural products which are cleaning agents as well. At the same time it is important to use indoor air purifiers. Various air cleaners like: chemical control air purifiers, odor control air purifiers and many like these would help you in eradicating the polluted air.

Make sure that air purifiers you use have HEPA filters or are UV air purifiers. The products of Oxynet Solutions are made using HEPA filters, we also have an air purifier with UV. Check out our products on our website

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Indoor air pollution is a major risk for asthma patients

We all know that indoor air pollution is dangerous to our health. We also know that it gives rise to respiratory problems, asthma and many allergies. Asthma is a severe disease. People suffering from it really live a painful life, indoor air pollution increases asthma symptoms. We will check out in detail how indoor air pollution is a major risk for asthma patients. So keep your house clean by using air cleaner or an air purifier for home to avoid asthma.

Dust mites, molds, chemicals, odors and second hand smoke all contribute in asthma attack. A new study states that environmental tobacco smoke give rise to asthma symptoms. This is proved by the survey taken on 240 children. Moreover children suffering from asthma can’t concentrate in their schools and homes as they are surrounded with germ particles that trigger asthma attacks. A study has proved that students who go to schools affected with indoor air pollution, have problems in concentrating and experience asthma attack regularly. For the happiness and good health of your family members you must use indoor air purifiers. Even if no one in your family suffers from asthma, indoor air pollution can affect you with asthma. Dust removal air purifier, mold air purifier etc will help you in keeping the environment clean.

A product called asthma air purifier is specially designed for patients suffering from asthma. This air purifier by Oxynet Solutions will take care of people suffering from this disease. Make your home clean and safe for a healthy, long life.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

UV rays are natural air cleaners

We have discussed much about indoor air purifiers and we know that HEPA filters are the best to use. Along with HEPA air purifiers, UV air purifiers are equally important. So in this blog we will try to understand the importance of UV rays.

Ultra Violet rays are electromagnetic radiations which consist of electromagnetic waves with higher frequency. UV light is very essential for healthy living. Without it our lives would be full of diseases and deficiencies. The sun naturally emits UV rays, and it is responsible for the production of vitamin D in our body. UV rays acts as natural air purifiers. These rays are effective in destroying bacteria, mold and mildew, virus and fungus. They get through the outer cover of these items, alter their DNA and thus kill the microorganisms. Similarly sun acts as the natural air cleaner for the out side environment. Hence Ultra Violet rays are used in many purifying systems as these rays are effective in destroying the germs. UV light is known for its germicidal properties. It helps in eradicating germs, bacteria, bad odors, molds etc. it is impossible to live on the earth without this natural cleaning system. The research on UV rays has been going on since ages; it is proved that these rays are safe to be used as natural environment cleaners in homes and offices.

After reading this blog I hope that you would understand the importance of an air purifier with UV rays. For cleaner and better surrounding you must use Ultra Violet air purifiers by Oxynet Solutions.

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Don’t be a passive smoker, it is equally harmful

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. But still you see people around you who just can’t quit smoking. Passive smoking is more dangerous because it affects more when you inhale the smoke. You might be smoking or there might be someone in your family who is a smoker. So it is sure that you are a part of indoor air pollution. To keep your family away from the harmful effect of passive smoking you must use an air cleaner or an air purifier for home.

Smoking affects all most all parts of our body. Let us check out some health problems which an active and passive smoker both can suffer from. Smoking increases blood pressure and heart rate, it infects the lungs causing cancer. Difficulty in breathing and stomach cancer is also observed, chronic pain in legs and loss of eyesight is experienced by chain smokers. Skin is wrinkled faster due to smoking. These are some of the health problems which are faced by smokers. Passive smoking harms equally. Public smoking is banned in all most all parts of the world this has compelled smokers to smoke indoors, which gives rise to indoor air pollution. To save your family from the hazardous effects of tobacco smoke you must use an indoor air purifier.

We at Oxynet Solutions have come up with tobacco smoke air purifier which will help you in dealing with the problem of carcinogenic tobacco smoke. Using an air purifier is the only solution to save your family from being a passive smoker.

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Fighting out different allergies

We all know that there are people who suffer from different allergies. There are various reasons which make a person an allergy sufferer. One on the reason is indoor air pollution. There are many who might be suffering from some or the other allergy due to indoor air pollution. Use indoor air purifier and air cleaners to deal with the allergies.

The only way to know whether you have an allergy or not, is to observe your health problems. Do you sneeze often, without having cold? Do you suffer from irritation of eyes, nose, throat or skin? Do you often feel suffocated? Do you encounter with cough and cold frequently? If the answer is yes to any of these then you do have some sort of allergy. It is necessary for you to buy an air purifier for home. Different people suffer from different allergies. If one has allergy from smoke, the other might be allergen to odors, many of us have allergy of dust, pet dander and molds. We develop these allergies while touching, breathing, swallowing or any other way which brings us in contact with the allergens. All these allergens provoke reactions in the people who are sensitive to them. You must use air purifiers as one of the reasons for developing allergy is breathing polluted air.

Oxynet Solutions provide you with an allergy air purifier which is specially designed for the people having allergies. We offer you different products keeping in mind your needs. Log on to to view our range of products.

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